Monday, March 25, 2013


I am a proponent of ethical foreign policy.  I believe that aid should only be given to leaders with at least a passable human rights record.  Because one thing is clear…giving aid to dictators and gross abusers of human rights, never goes to aiding the needy. All it does, is to buttress the power of the leader.
In the world of realpolitik, aid is another word for bribe or gifts given with the expectation of something in return.
Admirably, Washington had banned aid Uzbekistan in 2003, following reports of 'appalling' human rights crimes by President Karimov.
But American aid was restored to Karimov in in 2012. This was after Pakistan had closed its supply routes to NATO  into Afghanistan, due to NATO attacks which had killed 2 dozen Pakistani guards. Northern supply routes start at Latvia on the Baltic Sea and then go through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the northern border of Afghanistan.
Aid wasn’t restored without a finger wagging from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  "Nobody is shying away from having the tough conversation," she said . "That said, we also have other interests and things that we need to protect in our relationship with Uzbekistan."[1]
Hopefully, these ‘things’ will come to an end once the US withdraws from Afghanistan in 2014.

[1] Radio Free Europe, U.S. Temporarily Lifts Ban On Military Assistance To Uzbekistan

February 01, 2012

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